Commissions, Premieres and Consortiums

2001                 Concerto for Double Bass and Wind Ensemble, Charles Young

2001                 Kentucky Harmony, Donald Grantham

2002                 Fantasy for Band, Junpei Saijo

2002                 Twitch, Ken Steen

2003                Chante Funeraire, Gabriel Faure/Mike Moss

2003                 Tales from the Center of the Earth,  Nebojsa Zivkovic

2005                 Pastorale, Fred Tillis

2005                 Potbellied Polka, Craig Biondi

2006                Passaggi, Stephen Gryc

2006                 Concertante II, Russel Podgorsek

2007                 Lullaby for Noah, Joseph Turrin

2009                 Saxophone Concerto, Jennifer Higdon

2009                 La Ville Engloutie, Robert Carl

2009                 Fanfara, Larry Alan Smith

2009                 Grandfather Dreams in Circles Unfolding, Ken Steen

2009                 From the Ground Up, Robert Carl

2009                 Fanfara Agitata, Stephen Gryc

2009                 Echo Canon,  David Macbride

2009                 Rumpelstilzchen, Jess Turner

2010                 Dragon Rhyme,  Chen Yi

2010                 Road Stories, Jennifer Higdon

2011                 Terra Cruda, Susan Botti

2012                 Concerto for Wind Ensemble, Stephen Michael Gryc

2013                 Heavy Weather,  Jess Turner

2013                 Concerto for Saxophone and Wind Ensemble, Susan Botti

2014                Slippery Slope,  Shuying Li

2014               Formations, Kyle Wernke2014              

2015                Symphony for Wind Ensemble, Andrew Ardizzo

2015               The End of the World, Michael Schelle

2016                Promia, Thomas Schuttenhelm

2016                 Temple Bugler,  Zhou Long

2016                 Yet What is any Ocean but a Multitude of Drops*, Ryan Jesperson

2017                    Death March, Robert Carl

2017                    Between Glimpses of Blue, King-Smith          

2017                   OHM, Steven Mackey

2017                   Death March, Robert Carl

2017                   Temple Bugler , Zhou Long

2018                  At Dawn I Chant My Own Weird Hymn, Huck Hodge

2018                   In a Noisy World, Andrey Stolyarov