Foot in the Door Ensemble

Glen Adsit, Director (200-Present)

Edward Cumming, Director (2011-Present)

Robert Carl, Artistic Advisor

Repertoire 2000-Present


About the name….


"A Foot in the Door" is the title of the autobiography of Alfred C. Fuller (1885-1973), who gained worldwide fame as the founder of the Fuller Brush Company. He established the company in Hartford, Connecticut in the early days of the 20th century, and actively presided over it for more than 50 years. Mr. Fuller was also a champion of the arts, and for many years he, along with his wife Mary Primrose Fuller, was the principal benefactor of The Hartt School. "A Foot in the Door" is the figure of speech used to describe the technique whereby door-to-door salesmen (for many years the only way Fuller brushes were sold) would win a few minutes to pitch the virtues of their products. Likewise, we have chosen this as the name for our contemporary music ensemble, reflecting the pluck, ingenuity and perseverance that our students bring to the task of promulgating new music -- of all genres and types -- to the wider world.



10/18/2000 New Works By Hartt Composers

from Briarsongs-Macbride

Seeing Forms, Hearing Voices*-Carl


* Premiere


12/6/2000 Student Composers Concert

The Meeting-Bielmeier

Trio for Oboe, Bassoon and Marimba-Bae


Birth of Venus-Sae-Ah Lee

Weather Wheel-Rupy


4/11/2001 Ed Diemente and Friends

Canto del Aria for solo oboe and tape-Zapf

Things Heard-Diemente

Something Remains-Diemente

Dimensions III for Saxophone and tape-Diemente

Two Masks for Saxophone and Tape-Diemente

La Creation du Monde-Milhaud


10/10/2001 Hartt Composer’s Concert

Desert Light-Gryc

Violin Sonata No. 2, Angel Skating           -Carl

Le Tombeau de Mondrian-Diemente

El Regreso-Macbride

Festina Lente-Steen

Che Bella Cosa-Sellers


11/26/2001 Music and Voice

General Booth Enters Into Heaven-Ives

I had a Dog, Stay Where Yer From-Jaggard


I walked into a Wasted Place-Macbride

The Show-Dembski


3/13/2002 Life After Hartt: Alumni Composers and a Friend

Spatial Modules I and II*-Heller



Three Thoughts of James Joyce*-Ludvigsen

Barefoot *-Stolzel


* Premiere Performance


5/1/2002 Music of Hartt Student Composers


Floating Images and Flying Wings-Tipton

The Mirror-Sae-Ah Lee

Adieu Reine Marie, Adieu!-Ward

Daphne and Apollo-Kim


10/9/2002 Frank Zappa and Friends


Ruth is Sleeping-Zappa



Dumbarton Oaks-Stravinsky


Black Page-Zappa


12/4/2002 Schoenberg’s Influence

Dream Vegtables-Gryc

Six Bagatelles for String Quartet, Op. 9-Webern

The Sting of Command-Carl


Chamber Symphony, Op. 9-Schoenberg


2/26/2003 The Creation of the World

Lift Off!- Peck


Stand Apart-Macbride

La Creation du Monde-Milhaud


4/11/03-4/13/03 A Collaboration of Inspiration; Seven World Premieres with Dances

(seven Hartt student composers with seven Hartt dance majors)

Pan Allemande*-Sibicky


Blood, Silk, Rolled Eyes and Peter Paul Rubens*-Mints

Conversations in the Wood*-Pond

“See Darkly”*-Raccio


Dance and Cortege to Honor the passing of Life*-Paul


*Premiere Performance


10/15/03 Postmoderism Reconsidered

Graceful Ghost-Bolcom

            Carrie Koffman, Soloist

Poucha Dass-Rabbath

            Robert Black, Soloist

A Slow Arch*-Carl


Pulcinella Suite-Stravinsky


* Premiere Performance


12/10/03 Music by Living American Women Composers

Joan Tower, Ingrid Stolzel, Stefania de Kenessey, Elizabeth Brown all in residence


Fanfare of the Uncommon Women No. 2-Tower

Barefoot -Stozel

Black Topaz-Tower

Steeley Pause-Higdon

The Vermeer Room-Wolfe


            Richard Shillea, Soloist

Traveling Light-de Kenessey

Concerto for Dan Bau and Chamber Orchestra-Brown

            Elizabeth Brown Soloist

Red Shift-Vierk


3/1/04 Artistic Collaborations: Hartt Student Composers with Media Arts Film Majors

Canary March*-Herbst

Suite for Chamber Orchestra*-Gerraughty

In the Face of Uncertainty*-Ellis


5 Dreams in the Dense Forest*-Mints


* Premiere Performance


4/21/04 Cage and His Legacy

Third Construction-Cage

Music for Wind Instruments-Cage

String Quartet in four parts, for Lou Harrison-Cage

Listen to Horns-Macbride

Radio Music-Cage

Sixteen Dances-Cage

Sonatas and Interludes No. 14 and 15-Cage

France 1917-Spain 1937-Harrison

Atlas Eclipticalis-Cage


10/13/04 Left Coast/Right Brain

Octurnal -San Martin       

Six Questions for Violin and Percussion-Rokeach

Sleeps Shifting Darkness-Reiprich             

Muddy Waters-Marshall  

Seven Degrees of Freedom-Argersinger                               

Elements of Time and Wonder-Kyr


11/1/04 Exploring Performance: Speaking, Singing, Acting and Playing



            Cherie Caluda, Soprano

Lucy and the Count-Deak

            Robert Black, Soloist

Rainforest Dreams*-Anderson

            Robert Black, Soloist


*World Premiere


2/22/05 The Concerto Project:Seven Hartt Composers and Seven Student Soloist’s

Collage for Solo Percussion and Brass Quintet*-Izzo

Waves, for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra*-Graham

My Shadow*-Sae-ah Lee

Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble*-Britt

Milongadagio, for Flute and String Orchestra*-Podgorsek

Tree Vines & Power Lines for Viola*-Warner

Mother invention for Tenor and Bass Trombone*-Pond


* Premiere Performance


10/19/05 An Evening with Guest Composer John Anthony Lennon and Hartt Faculty

Distances Within Me (1979)-JA Lennon

            Carrie Koffman, Saxophone Soloist

Gigolo-JA Lennon

            Dick Provost, Guitar Soloist

Songs of the Darkness-Smith

Seven Translations-JA Lennon


            John Wion, Flute Soloist



11/30/05 “Old World vs. New World: Contrary & Reactionary”

Konzert Op. 24 (1930’s)-Webern

Eight Lines (1979)-Reich

Composition for 12 Instruments (1948)-Babbitt

Chamber Symphony (1992)-Adams


3/1/06   “Joseph Schwantner in Residence”

Music for Amber -Schwantner


Veiled Autumn-Schwantner

Black Anemones-Schwantner



3/1/06   “9 x 9 A collaboration of 9 Choreographers and 9 Composers”

Time is a Tiger, Tearing me Apart*-Ellis

In Dark Places*-Rudman

Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru *-Jesperson

Dance Piece*-Izzo

Dance Piece*-Cimitile


Persuasion of the Offbeat*  -Britt

Dance Music*-Barthory-Peeler

Dance Music*-Dabek


* Premiere Performance


10/17/07 “San Francisco in the 1960s”

In C (1964)-Riley

            Robert Balck, Soloist

Marimba Phase (1967)-Reich

            Bill Solomon, Tim Broscious, Soloists


            Gabe Bruce Conductor

Pigs and Fishes (1991)-Bresnick

            Michael Kennedy, Conductor

Shaker Loops (1978)-Adams

            Christopher Zimmerman, Conductor

Fog Tropes (1982)-Marshall

String Quartet No. 2, “Company” (1983)-Glass

Autumn Leaves (1965)-Riley


12/12/07 “Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence” Bright Sheng Composer


Seven Tunes Heard in China-Sheng

            Mihai Tetel, Cello Soloist

Sweet May-Sheng

            Robert Black, Double Bass Solois

The Stream Flows-Sheng

            Anton Miller, Violin Soloist

Chamber Symphony-Adams


10/22/08 LONGEVITY: A Celebration of Two Lives in American Music

Improvisation (1950)-Carter

            Yu-Hsin Chang, Soloist

Riconoscenza (1984)-Carter

            Anton Miller, Soloist

Enchanted Preludes (1988)-Carter

            Rachel Maclary, Han Wei-Lu

Figment (2007)-Carter

            Robert Black, Soloist

Retracing (2002)-Carter

            Marc Goldberg Soloist

Canaries (1950)-Carter

            Bill Solomon, Soloist

ASKO Concerto-Carter

The Marx Brothers (1938) -Brant

            Matt Aubin, Conductor

The Glass Pyramid (1980)            -Brant


12/10/08 The Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence Presents: Michael Colgrass

Pan Trio            -Colgrass

            Rebecca Flannery, Harp

            Murray Mast, Pans

            William Solomon, Percussion

Wild Riot of the Shaman’s Dreams            -Colgrass

            Abigail Walsh, Flute

Bach-Goldberg Variations -Colgrass

Hammer and Bow-Colgrass

            Benjamin Toth, Percussion

            Anton Miller, Violin

A Flute in the Kingdom of Drums and Bells            -Colgrass

            Janet Arms Flute, Mary Chuhay, Sayun Chang,

William Solomon, Ryan Engleman, Percussion


2/25/09  Japan: Takemitsu and After”

Day Signal (1987)-Takemitsu (1930-1996)  

Mirror of Stars-Nishimura (b.1953)

Erberk Eryilmaz, piano

Night Bird (1996)-Tanaka (b.1961)

Joe D’Aleo, alto saxophone (with electronics)

Res Sonorae (1987)-Kondo (b.1947)

Lux Origins (2000) [In three movements] -Niimi (b.1947)     

Water-Ways (1976)-Takemitsu (1930-1996)

Night Signal (1987)-Takemitsu (1930-1996)                       


* Premiere Performance


10/7/2009 “Ron Borror Artistic CuratorThe Trombone and Friends”

Essay for Trombone and Trumpet (1966) (11’) -Schwartz

Trombone Trio (1985) (8’) -Wuorinen

Julie Josephson, guest trombone soloist

Ritornelli (1974) (11’) -Hoddinott

Benjamin Herrington, guest trombone soloist

Glen Adsit, Conductor

“From behind the unreasoning mask” (1975)            -Reynolds

“Collision Collage” from the “Harvest of Echoes”-Josephson

for trombone and 1947 John Deere B tractor

Julie Josephson, guest trombone soloist

La Creation Du Monde (1923) (15’) -Milhaud

            Chris Zimmerman, Conductor


12/8/2009 “The Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence Presents: William Bolcom

Commedia for (almost) Eighteenth-Century Orchestra (1971) -Bolcom (b.1938)

            Matt Aubin, Conductor

Poem in October -Corigliano (b. 1938)

            Matt Aubin, Conductor, Jeffrey Soto, Tenor

Brass Quintet-Bolcom (b. 1938)

Orphee Serenade-Bolcom (b. 1938)


3/9/2010 “Three American Icons Part 1”


Cello Sonata-Carter

            Hae Yoon Shin, Cello


            Joey Abad, Saxophone

Grand Pianola Music-Adams


3/10/2010 “Three American Icons Part 2”

Quite City-Copland

            Matthew Aubin, Conductor

Copland Sextet-Copland

Appalachian Spring-Copland


4/21/2010 “Emergence with Ken Steen ”





Cryptozoologist* -Pallatroni

Agua Nocturna*-Turner

* Premiere Performance


4/21/2010 “Contemporary Fantasies ”

Capricorn Concerto, Op.21 (1944) -Barber  

          Matt Aubin, Conductor

Fantasy Variations on a Theme of Béla Bartók -Gryc (b. 1949)

          Joey Abad, Soprano Saxophone

Chamber Concerto for Guitar and 10 Instruments-Carl (b. 1954)

“The Calm Bee in the Busy Hive” (2009-10)*

            Matt Aubin, Conductor; Christopher Ladd, guitar

Orphée Serenade (1984) -Bolcom (b. 1938)

           Glen Adsit, Conductor


3.24.2011 College Band Director’s National Association Convention, Illsley Hall, Seattle WA

Burning Music (2011)*-Turner (b.1983)

Fantasy Variations (13’)-Gryc (b.1949)

            Joey Adad, Saxophone Soloist

Sparrows (16’) (1979)-Schwantner (b.1943)

            Cherie Caluda, Soprano

Orphee Serenade (19’) (1984)-Bolcom (b.1938)

Equinox (14’) (2011)*-Turrin (b.1947)   

* Premier Performance


10.12.2011    New Winds from Across the Pond

Pranam II (1973) (7’)-Scelsi

Spur (1998) (13’)            -Furrer

Lo Spazio Inverso (1985) (7’)-Sciarrino      

Les espaces acoustiques – III – Partiels (22’)-Grisey


12.7.2011 “Gravity Reconsidered”

Vanada (12’) (1984)-Torke (b.1961)

            Edward Cumming, Conductor

Music of Amber (20’) (1981)-Schwantner (b.1943)

            Matt Forte, Conductor

Gravity Reconsidered*  (18’) (2011)-Steen (b.1958)

            Edward Cumming, Conductor

Hoketus (25’) (1976)-Andriessen (b.1939)

            Glen Adsit, Conductor

* Premier Performance


3.9-11.2012       Friction: 6 Hartt Student Composers, 6 Hartt Student Choreographers

Battery Acid*-Dixon/Cogswell



Computerized Humanity* -Dillon/Simalchik


Inhale, Exhale*-Hatch/Krerowicz               

* Premier Performance


5.2.2012 “Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence Presents: John Corigliano”

Voyage for Flute and Harp (8’) (1988)-Corigliano

            Janet Arms, flute            

            Rebecca Flannery, harp

Sonata for Violin and Piano (22’) (1963)-Corigliano

            Anton Miller, violin       

            Maria Asteriadou, piano

Fancy on a Bach Air (5’) (1996)-Corigliano

            Rita Porfiris, viola          

The Cloisters (13’) (1965) -Corigliano

            David Pershall, baritone   

Forever Young (5’) (2000)  -Corigliano

            Cherie Caluda, soprano    

            Hartt Chamber Choir, Edward Bolkovac, conductor

L'Invitation au Voyage (6’) (1971)-Corigliano

            Hartt Chamber Choir, Edward Bolkovac, conductor  

Troubadours (23’) (1993)-Corigliano

            Christopher Ladd, guitar  

            Foot in the Door Ensemble, Edward Cumming, conductor


5.3.2012 “Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence Presents: John Corigliano”

Utah Fanfare (1’30”) (2000)-Corigliano

Aria for Oboe and String Quintet (6’) (1975)-Corigliano

            Charles Huang, oboe                                  

"How like pellucid statues, Daddy. Or like a . . .-Corigliano

from No Longer Very Clear, by John Ashberry            

            Bassoons, Dorian Antipa, Schuyler Jackson, Kevin Zheng, Kristen Powell

Fancy on a Bach Air (7’) (1996)-Corigliano

            Foot in the Door Strings, Edward Cumming, conductor                                                             

Mr. Tambourine Man (37’) (2000)-Corigliano

              Cherie Caluda, soprano                             

            Foot in the Door Ensemble, Glen Adsit, director


10.17.2012         “Generation X”

The Frame Problem (12)-Romig (b.1971)

Chamber Symphony (13’) -Ades (b.1971)

Rondolette (10’) -Bielawa (b.1974)

Keen (8’) -Etezady(b.1973)

These Inflected Tentacles (10’)-Newman (b.1973)

Steampunk (22’) -Bruce (b.1970)


12.5.2012“Happy 90th Birthday Ed Diemente”

Diary – Part II for 2 Alto Saxophones (14’)-Diemente

Songs of the Simple Truth (2012)*- Macbride

Dunbarton Oaks (12’)-Stravinsky

More Words (1983) (11’)-Diemente

Bench of Dreams*(2112) (5’)-Steen

The Way to Peace (17’)-Diemente


2.8.2013 6 (composers) x 6 (soloists) x 3 (conductors), Six world Premiere Performances

Huldufólk (The Hidden People) (2012)-Park (b. 1987)

          Groa M. Valdimarsdóttir, violin, Peter Lillpopp, conductor

Synaptic Drama -Nicholson (b. 1989)

          Chelsea Tinsler, percussion, Kalena Bovell, conductor

Violent is the Mind-McMahon (b. 1987)

          Evan Runyon, double bass, Ena Shin, conductor

Run for the Shadows (2012)-Rugani

          Colette Hall, tenor saxophone, Peter Lillpopp, conductor

Retrieve my vanished dream Concerto for Cello - Zhao (b. 1987)

           Kayla Herrrmann, cello, Kalena Bovell, conductor

Concerto for Trombone and Chamber Orchestra -Cooper (b. 1986)

          Matt Russo, trombone, Ena Shin, conductor

 *World Premiere Performance


5.6.2013 “Conductors Bucket List”

Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca-Revueltas (1899 – 1940)

          Tucker Barney, solo trumpet

String Quartet no. 16 in Bb, op. 133, “Grosse Fuge”-Beethoven (1770-1827)

Chamber Symphony Op. 9 -Schoenberg


10.16.2013 “Music from Iceland”

Elja (11’)-Áskell Másson

SI VIS PACEM-Áskell Másson

Vink II  (8’)-Atli Ingólfsson

Rímnadansar (4’) -Jón Leifs

Leikur (8’)-Elín Gunnlaugsdóttir

Stemma (9’)-Haukur Tómasson

Hrím (8’)-Anna Þórvaldsdóttir

on Sameness and Similarities (10’)-Davið Brynjar Franzson


11.20.2013 “Stephen Montague in Residence”

Intrada-Stephen Montague

Tigida Pipa-Stephen Montague

Snowscape-Stephen Montague

Snakebite-Stephen Montague

At the White Edge of Phrygia-Stephen Montague


12.12.2013 “Jess Turner in Residence”

At the White Edge of Phrygia-Stephen Montague

Agua Nocturna-Jess Turner

Tigida Pipa-Stephen Montague

Burning Music-Jess Turner


3.5.2014 CBDNA Pre Performance

Point Blank-Paul Dooley

M is for Music, Man and Mozart-Louis Andriessen

Streamin Ives-Edward Cumming

Steampunk-David Bruce


3.7.2014 College Band Directors National Association Regional Convention, Boston, MA

Point Blank-Paul Dooley

M is for Music, Man and Mozart-Louis Andriessen

Streamin Ives-Edward Cumming

Steampunk-David Bruce


4.23.2014 Latin American Influenced Student Compositions

It comes in Waves-Kyle Grimm

For Those that Hold Fast-Ben Park

Zonda-Matt Cramer

Verde Oscuro-Catherine Phang

Last Round-Osvaldo Golijov


10.15.2014 “Iceland Here We Come Part 1”

The Vinyl Six-Jonathan Newman


Try-Andrew Norman

Conzonas Americanas-Derek Bermel


12.10.2014 “Iceland Here we Come Part 2

Huldufólk-Ben Park

Kinect-Kjartan Olafsson

Depo Flux*-Ken Steen

Katabasis II-Arni Bergur

Drones, Variations, Ornaments-Nico Muhly

Airang Spirit-Catheryn Phang

HUG-Myndir-Asbjorg Jonsdottir

on Sameness and Similarities-David Brynjar Franzson

1.31.2015 “Dark Music Days, Reykjavík, Iceland”

Huldufólk-Ben Park

Depo Flux*-Ken Steen

HUG-Myndir-Asbjorg Jonsdottir

Katabasis II-Arni Bergur

Kinect-Kjartan Olafsson


2.1.2015 “Dark Music Days, Reykjavík, Iceland”

The Vinyl Six-Jonathan Newman

Try-Andrew Norman

Conzonas Americanas-Derek Bermel

Drones, Variations, Ornaments-Nico Muhly


10.14.2015 “American Voices”

Fantasy Etudes (17’) 1985-Fred Lerdahl

Sappho Fragments (12’) 1982-Steven Stucky

Three Rivers (12’) 2001-Derek Bermel

Excerpts from A New Kind of Fallout (11’) 2015-Gilda Lyons

Meditation and Prayer (4’)-2009-Tawnie Olson

Tell Me Everything (8’) 1994-Julia Wolfe


12.9.2015 “Student Compositions”

Easily, let’s not get carried away-Zacharias Gunnarsson

     Ioannis Protopapas, Conductor                  

NRG- Dan Lis                                       

     Edward Cumming, Conductor

Switches and Shifts-Andrey Stolyarov

     Luca Antonucci, Conductor          

Mia-Gala Flagello

     Luca Antonucci, Conductor

Six Degrees of Separation-Mark Ceppetelli

     Glen Adsit, Conductor

Where the Heart Is- Matthew Kennedy

     Ioannis Protopapas, Conductor

3.2.2016 Richard Provost Retirement Celebration

Omen*-David Macbride

Equinox-Joseph Turrin

Chamber Symphony-Johan Adams

Bluebird-Edward Diemente

            Richard Provost and Chris Ladd, Guitars

Concerto for Guitar and Chamber Ensemble-Richard Rodney Bennett

            Richard Provost and Chris Ladd, Guitars

Sanzen-In-Andrew York

            Richard Provost and Chris Ladd, Guitars

April 27, 2016 Unclaimed Property Composer in Residence Presents Chen Yi and Zhou Long with Hartt Composition Faculty Member Robert Carl

Duo Ye (7’), Chen Yi

Open/Empty (12’), Robert Carl

Song of the Ch’In (9’), Zhou Long

Bell Drum Towers (15’), Zhou Long

Happy Rain on a Spring Night for chamber ensemble (12’), Chen Yi